Postcard & Magnet

New Mover Church Postcards now offers new mover postcards with a magnet for maximum outreach exposure for your church.  A magnet mailer postcard is a traditional direct mail postcard with a removable fridge magnet on the back. The magnet is held to the postcard with removable glue. This glue is strong enough to withstand the mailing process but is easily removed by your new neighbor.

​A magnet mailer postcard is more effective than a traditional postcard because when the magnet is removed and placed on the fridge, it becomes a permanent  "billboard in the home". It's ideal if you're looking to create awareness of your church, advertise your worship times and maintain top-of-mind visibility. 



There is a ONE-TIME print fee of $299. This covers the printing of the postcard, magnet and the assembly of the magnet mailer. It covers ALL future reprints. After the magnet mailers have been assembled, we mail them to your new neighbors for only 89¢ each. This mailing cost includes the new mover mailing list, addressing and postage. You also get a copy of the mailing list after every mailing. 

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