Frequently Asked Questions

Our Monthly New Mover Program

Learn more about the special features of our monthly new movers program.

Our monthly new mover direct mail program for churches is a full turnkey outreach program that allows you to connect with new families shortly after they have arrived in the neighborhood. New movers (also know as new residents, new move-ins) are typically more responsive than established homeowners and many will be looking for a new church home.
New movers have long been a traditional favorite of churches. When a family moves into a new home, they are more likely to change or find a new church home.
Yes, your message is sent on a single postcard and not buried in a crowded coupon pack.
No! You can try the program for a month or three and if you don't see new faces, call and cancel. You can cancel at any time for any reason.
Yes, you can change the area at any time. You can increase or decrease your mileage or add or eliminate ZIP codes at any time. You can add a mailing cap to limit the number of pieces that we mail for you or we can mail to all available new movers.
Yes, we automatically send you a copy of the mailing list at the end of each month. The list is printed on peel and stick labels which means you can use the labels for a follow-up mailing. Some churches use the list for personal follow-up visits and/or to track to the response to the program.
We print 100,000's of postcards a year which means we can print your postcards much cheaper than virtually anybody else. We also bulk mail your postcards for even greater savings. All for only 79¢ per piece!
Yes, we accept credit cards or we can invoice your church each month (due net 30). Invoices and/or receipts are mailed with the labels at the end of each month.

Our Jumbo Postcard

Learn more about the special features of our new mover postcards.

The postcard is 5.5" x 8.5". It is printed on a 14pt gloss coated cover stock (nice and thick).
Yes, full color on both sides. It also includes a varnish coating on the front side. It is printed on a real printing press! We do not use low-quality, damage prone digital printing for our postcards. The quality is exceptional and demands attention right out of the mail box. Request a free sample pack to see the quality of the cards.
Yes, but there is a $49 re-design/print fee. Your first version is ALWAYS free! If you want to make a change, there's a $49 print fee to cover the cost of the change.
Yes, we'll take care of the map on the back of the postcard.
Yes, you can attach any logo's, pictures and graphics when you order your postcard layout. There is no additional cost to include your graphics.
Yes, please download this Design Template to give to your designer.

Our New Movers Mailing List

Learn more about the special features of our new movers mailing list.

We source our new mover mailing list from the premier new mover list provider in the country. It is compiled from a variety of sources (multi-sourced), cross verified to ensure true new mover status and updated monthly.
Our new movers mailing list is multi-sourced which means data is compiled from a number and variety of different sources. These include credit bureaus, deed registrations, utility companies and magazine/book subscriber lists. The data is cross verified between sources to determine true new mover status. While no list is perfect, we strive to ensure that our list contains only people who have truly moved into a new home. A single source, on the other hand, is obtained from a single source and is generally less reliable because there is no way to cross verify the data.
Click here to request a free new movers count. We use a six-month history file to determine a monthly average. Some outreach companies provide "instant" online counts but these counts are not regularly updated. All count requests are manually run for you and returned within 24 hours.

Value Added Extras

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Yes, all first-time customers get 25% of their first mailing.
Yes, we can add your name to the mailing list each month. You'll receive a postcard at the exact same time that your new neighbors are receiving them.
Yes, we offer a 100% deliverability guarantee. If a postcard is returned to you, we'll issue a credit on your next invoice.