What We Do

New Mover Church Postcards offers a full turnkey and totally automatic new mover direct mail program that is designed to deliver fresh new visitors to your door each month. Our new mover ministry does this by reaching new comers to your neighborhood with a personalized welcome and invitation.

We can custom design a new movers postcard using your photos or you can use one of our popular templates. We print the postcards, process the mailing list, address the cards and deliver them to the Post Office - all for one low price!

Here's a closer, step-by-step look at our outreach marketing program:

Step 1 - Find Out Many New Families Moved into Your Neighborhood

The first step is to find out how many people are moving into your neighborhood each month. You can target new families by ZIP code, mileage radius or you can even send us a map with boundaries on it to show us the neighborhoods you would like to reach. Click here to request your free monthly new movers count and pricing report.

Step 2 - Postcard Design & Revisions

Our seasoned creative design experts will create your new mover postcard using the photos you provide. Or you can use one of our popular postcard templates. Visit our Postcard Gallery for ideas and inspiration. In a few days, we'll send you a postcard proof and invite you to request edits or modifications to the design. Creative design service is provided at no additional cost. 

Step 3 - Premium Postcard Printing

After you have approved the postcard design, your postcards are printed and housed at our mailing facility. All of our cards are printed on a real printing press on heavy card stock. They also feature an eye-popping varnish on the front for added impact. Make sure you request a FREE sample pack to see the quality of the cards - the quality of the cards is exceptional.

Step 4 - Automatic Monthly Mailings

Around the 15th of each month, we process the mailing list (based on your exact geographic selections), address the postcards and deliver them to the Post Office. Your postcards are mailed at the Standard rate and typically take 7 - 10 days to arrive in-homes.

Step 5 - FREE Mailing Labels After Every Mailing

At the end of each month, we send you a copy of your mailing list on peel and stick labels. You are welcome to use these labels for a follow-up mailing or to track response. Or, if you prefer, we can send you your monthly mailing list via e-mail (as an Excel spreadsheet).

Step 6 - Convenient Billing Options

We offer two convenient forms of billing: we can process your credit card or we can send you an invoice (net 30). Monthly invoices or invoice receipts (if you pay by credit card) are mailed to you with the labels each month.